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Gastrolux 2004 A/S is a family (Swiss) owned SME situated in Ryomgaard, Denmark.

Gastrolux is the perfect symbiosis of both Swiss and Danish innovation capacity and craftsmanship.

With “History/Philosophy” wewould like you to feel and understand the spirit of our entrepreneurship.


In the sixties of the last century a high skilled Danish smith and molder started to make some frying pans. A Swiss pan seller being sick of ripping his customers off saw one of the Danish not nice but quality items: Swiss and Danish innovation competence and craftsmanship came together. The goal was fixed quickly: to deliver a quality pan to the end-customer.

The demand in the forged high quality pans was much bigger than the production capacity.

A new factory, and a very motivated team: Gastrolux was born.

From forging to squeeze casting, from TITAN2001 to Nano-Technology and the today’s Gastrolux-Biotan,  a winner of the ”Bocuse d’Or”, a removable handle which really lives up to the name, the only in casted induction bottom -  Gastrolux never becomes tired of developing and next steps will be done certainly.

We will remain a healthy, sound and innovative global company with high values believing in people, dialogue, cooperation and mutual respect as the driver of development, innovation and growth. We daily try our best for simplicity and transparency in all relations; we believe in and live close and long term win-win cooperation with our customers and vendors and all other important stakeholders as well as offering our employees freedom, trust and responsibility to reach our goals. We want constantly to become better tomorrow than we are today following our passion to develop, manufacture, marketing and sell the world’s best coated aluminum frying pan and pot.  It is our credo that cooking and dining are always combined with emotions and feelings; to support these emotions and feelings we deliver outstanding pans and pots. Your end-customer shall have the best tool for frying and cooking in a healthy way and at the same time getting splendid feelings because handling a pot or pan which combines an ergonomic and perfect function with a beautiful and classic design.